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Complete lines of single point, double point, circular, interchangables, needle sets, fiber art tools and accessories from the Brittany Birch Collection, ChiaoGoo, Dreamz Symfonie, Dreamz Symfonie Rose Cubics, Karbonz, Marblz, Nova Platina, Nova Cubics Platina, and Pony Rosewood.

Knitting needle materials include rosewood, birch, bamboo, carbon fiber, acrylic, stainless steel, chrome and nickel-plated brass.

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Laurel Hill LLC is a social enterprise offering the fiber arts community competively priced items and excellent customer service.  We contribute money and help build awareness for Knots of Love a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to warm the hearts and heads of those experiencing treatment-induced traumatic hair loss by providing them with hand knitted or crocheted caps, and by also creating "hugs in a blanket" for tiny NICU babies in incubators.

A portion of all online sales are donated to our non-profit of choice
Knots of Love.
When we started
A decade ago the crochet community embraced Laurel Hill as a socially responsible environmental company, making unique, handmade, and sustainable crochet hooks highlighted in these testimonials.

"Thanks so much, Rick. What I failed to tell you in my previous e-mail is what a dream the hooks are to crochet with! 
 They feel so comfortable in the hand, and glide through yarn like silk. Great products!"
 Carol Alexander, Editor, Crochet! Magazine, Member Board of Directors, CGOA

"These elegant instruments are devine! I love the larger thumb spot of the crochet hook, and the wood used for all the 
pieces is wonderful!"
 Barb Bettegnies, Editor, Creative Knitting

Our hooks are recognized as some of the best, and we feel including outstanding products from others, provides a 
more complete, satisfying and convenient purchasing experience for the Fiber Arts Community.

In addition to the proprietary hooks we manufacture Laurel Hill strives to find a variety of interesting materials 
and the best values from other innovative companies including, Boye, Brittany, ChiaoGoo, Clover, Knitter's Pride, Lacis, Pony and Susan Bates.

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Weekly Product Feature

Laurel Hill Cedar Sachets

The Cedar Story
A member of the juniper family, aromatic eastern cedar (Juniperus virginiana) is native to the forests of the South Central United States. Many species of cedar exist, but only aromatic cedar possesses the qualities so valued by people throughout the world and throughout history. An Aromatic oil in the cedar wood emits a pleasant aroma and it is also a natural moth repellent. The female moth is reluctant to lay eggs on clothing protected by the aroma of cedar. This is important because it is the larvae, hatched from the eggs, that feed on the garment. Periodically squeeze the sachet to activate the natural moth repellent qualities.

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Laurel Hill:
The Exclusive Distributor of Laurel Hill Crochet and Tunisian Hooks

Exotic, Handmade and Sustainable

Retail yarn shops, internet sites, designers and catalog buyers are invited to offer our crochet hooks in the exotic woods of Ebony, Nam Oc and Trai.

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for Laurel Hill items.

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New Year, Renewed Commitment: Laurel Hill selects Knots of Love as preferred non-profit

New Year’s Resolutions...for some they may focus on a change in habits or a promise to turn over a new leaf. At Laurel Hill,( our team has a shared view on our approach for 2016. We have rededicated our efforts to Knots of Love ( ,an amazing non-profit that we have partnered with over the past several years. In 2016, we promise to work even harder to help Knots of Love help others. Our goal is to equip our Laurel Hill community with the tools knit or crochet with a giving heart. That’s why as of January 1, 2016 we have decided to donate a portion of all sales to Knots of Love.

What is Knots of Love? Under the leadership of founder Christine Fabiani, the 501c3 organization donates caps to men and women, including veterans, undergoing chemotherapy, burn victims, brain surgery patients, head trauma patients, and individuals with Alopecia. They also donate tiny blankets to fragile new lives in incubators.

Taught to crochet by her grandmother when she was six, Christine began making scarves and afghans to give to friends and family. It was her son Geoffrey who encouraged Christine to make caps. A friend who was a cancer survivor told Christine that she wished she had had a cozy cap to don after a day’s wearing of her wig, and the inspiration for heartwarming, head-warming Chemo Caps was planted.

Christine felt so good making caps for cancer patients, she thought other yarn crafters might like to make them too. Knots of Love was born in 2007 “out of a desire to brighten the lives of people in need, in a loving and caring way."

Since then Christine and her team have sent more than 300,000 caps to cancer centers, oncologist’s offices, and infusion centers across the nation. Christine and the organization have garnered many humanitarian awards as a result of their efforts.

We are honored to announce that Laurel Hill ( is Knots of Love’s ( preferred source of hooks and needles because of our comfortable, handmade products at reasonable prices.

Christine says, “Made from exotic woods, Laurel Hill crochet hooks are so wonderful -once you use one you won't want to use anything else. The wood helps keep warmth in my hands hopefully warding off arthritis in years to come. Laurel Hill takes great pride in providing sustainable products to their customers.”

We are proud to be connected with this compassionate organization and look forward to joining with our Laurel Hill community to help even more in 2016.

Starting the New Year right…NICU blankie in progress for a tiny baby who will be wrapped in Knots of Love.

Happy Yarn Crafting!