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When we started
A decade ago the crochet community embraced Laurel Hill as a socially responsible environmental company, making unique, handmade, and sustainable crochet hooks highlighted in these testimonials.

"Thanks so much, Rick. What I failed to tell you in my previous e-mail is what a dream the hooks are to crochet with! 
 They feel so comfortable in the hand, and glide through yarn like silk. Great products!"
 Carol Alexander, Editor, Crochet! Magazine, Member Board of Directors, CGOA

"These elegant instruments are devine! I love the larger thumb spot of the crochet hook, and the wood used for all the 
pieces is wonderful!"
 Barb Bettegnies, Editor, Creative Knitting

Our hooks are recognized as some of the best, and we feel including outstanding products from others, provides a 
more complete, satisfying and convenient purchasing experience for the Fiber Arts Community.

Laurel Hill strives to find a variety of interesting materials 
and the best values from other innovative companies including, Knitter's Pride, Boye, Pony, and Clover.

Our closeout section is to die for as we find items from days gone by, available on our site at discounted prices.

Weekly Product Update
Each week we will showcase one of the products on our site.

Laurel Hill highlights a classic:
Boye Balene II vintage needles bring knitters a welcome blast from the past.

EUGENE, Ore. (Aug. 28, 2015) – Thousands of knitters are nostalgic for the flexible, quiet Boye Balene II needles which are no longer in production. The good news is that they are available in limited supply at Laurel Hill (, the innovative, environmentally friendly source for needles, notions and accessories for passionate yarncrafters.

Boye needles feature patented speed tips and perfection points designed to help prevent dropped stitches. Originally created to replace real baleen, derived from whale jawbones, Boye was the only manufacturer to achieve the comfort of real whalebone, developing needles warm to the touch, pleasant feeling and flexible. These needles quickly became very popular back in their day and since being discontinued, the few left are considered collectibles.

Laurel Hill has limited availability in selected sizes of Boye Balene II needles that have never been used and are packaged in their original sleeves for a cost of $5 per pair. For more information or to order visit

The Exclusive Distributor of Laurel Hill Fiber Arts Tools

Exotic, Handmade and Sustainable

Many local yarn shops carry our private label Forest Palm Crochet Hooks and now the same style hooks are available in the exotic woods of Ebony, Nam Oc and Trai.

Retail shops register to order at wholesale prices, and wholesale prices are a
vailable to retail stores only for Laurel Hill items.


Laurel Hill creates an ambiance of creativity, confidence and peace to enhance your crochet experience.

Our site offers unique, exotic, sustainable Laurel Hill products directly from our factories to you at reasonable prices.

Very carefully exotic woods are selected and hand polished into functional works of art.

Every registered shop receives wholesale pricing for Laurel Hill items with no minimum order requirements. As prior members of The National Needle Arts Association and sponsors of, we respect the role of retail shops to educate, preserve, improve and expand the hand knitting industry.

Crochet Hook Starter Kits Available to Retail Shops at Wholesale Prices

Each shop has its own set of unique opportunities. With this is mind we designed a LH Crochet Starter Kit to provide your customers a selection of our crochet hooks. This assortment of products will help you collect information so you can reorder items at quantities that match your customers needs. This starter kit includes the following Laurel Hill hooks:

1 each Ebony Crochet Hooks sizes D-E-F-G-7-H-I-J-K-L-M
1 each Nam Oc Crochet Hooks sizes D-E-F-G-7-H-I-J-K-L-M
1 each Trai Crochet Hooks sizes D-E-F-G-7-H-I-J-K-L-M
1 Variety Crochet Hook Set - 11 assorted crochet hooks sizes D-E-F-G-7-H-I-J-K-L-M in a multi-colored fabric case
Wholesale price for registered accounts is $209.00

Click here to view our Retail Shops/Wholesale page.

                                  Laurel Hill and Knots of Love 

Laurel Hill is joining hands with Knots of Love to make it easy for you to create and donate chemo caps.  

Support others transitioning through the effects of chemotherapy or other life threatening illnesses or injuries.

Everything in our kits is included to make a soft, warm knitted or crocheted cap for people in need of some kindness and love.

We proudly offer Knots of Love Scarf Kits for Kids. Children who make scarves for others improve their motor and intellectual skills, and in the process experience a sense of giving that can last a lifetime.

Let's work together to give joy and hope to people with life threatening illnesses and in doing so build better citizens and stronger communities.